3 Reasons You Should Get a Teal Ticket Today!


Hey Doll,

We've got good news and bad news...

The Bad News: Platinum Tickets for theCURVYcon are completely sold out

The Good News? There are still some Teal Tickets available!

If you've been holding off on buying a Teal ticket to theCURVYcon, we've got three reasons why the Teal level ticket is perfect for you

1.) All ticket holders get access to our panels, pop up shop, keynote conversations, fashion show and our exclusive after party on Saturday night.

2.) Teal level ticket holders get a bunch of swag, last year our Teal gift bag was full of everything from full size beauty products to adorable plus size clothing.

3.) The Teal tickets are now on sale for $149.

We created theCURVYcon so that our body positive community can have a space just for us. If you want to meet the brands, bloggers, youtubers and celebs who inspire you, come hang out with us during fall fashion week in NYC. 

Our Teal tickets WILL sell out so click the button below to get your tickets today!



Chastity Garnerstyle