September 6, 2018


5PM     Macy’s Platinum Cocktail Event  (Platinum Ticket Holders Only)



September 7, 2018


8:30AM     Registration


9AM-10:30AM     Fitness Session presented by Target


1:00- 3:00PM     LOFT Platinum Lunch


11AM - 6PM     ShopS & Lounge


5:30PM     LOFT Runway Show


6:00PM    DIA & CO Showcase and Panel  



September 8, 2018


8:30AM    Registration


9:00AM    Panel 1 - Body Positive Besties: Supporting Each Other in Our Journey


10:00AM - 5:00PM    ShopS + Lounge


10:00AM        Workshop: The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Style: Making any style work for Any Shape PRESENTED BY DIA & CO.

In this workshop, Chastity Garner Valentine, co-founder of theCURVYcon and creator of Garnerstyle will walk attendees through different style aesthetics and how to make them work for for any body shape/size.


11:00AM        Panel 2 - Dear Retailer

The Dear Retail panel is a safe space where passionate plus size consumers can have a candid dialog with executives in the plus size fashion industry. Come and listen as five major retailers share what their companies are doing to take plus size fashion to the next level. The audience will have the opportunity to let their voice be heard.



Panel Participatants

  • Lauren Chan

  • Alex LaRosa

  • Katie Wilcox

  • Shainna Harrison

  • Alex Michael May

theCURVYcon believes that how we express ourselves through fashion begins with how we feel about ourselves. Often the negative feelings we have about our bodies, how we look and what we’re “allowed” to wear stem from other aspects of our identity and personal history.

How can we use our unique voices to inspire change in the fashion industry? What can we do to move fashion towards inclusivity?





2:00PM        Panel 3 - TBD


2:00PM        Workshop: Flourish in Photos: Take Pictures like a model (even if you aren’t one


3:00PM        Workshop: Im not a “Businessman”...I’m a “Business, Man!”: Take your career to the Next Level (with or without a job) PRESENTED BY DIA & CO

In this workshop, CeCe Olisa, co-founder of theCURVYcon will speak to the most popular career questions she gets (from dressing for the office as a plus size person, to how to start a passion project while working a full time job).

4:00PM        KEYNOTE


5:00PM        Closing Remarks


6:00PM        JCPenney Wrap Party @ Andaz





*Schedule subject to change